About Us


Social Circle Media is a digital marketing agency

We use digital marketing platforms to position your business for growth and brand

establishment in the market place. 



Our speciality is social media and online marketing. 

Our focus is on transforming our clients wants and needs into an effective marketing plan, showcasing a business and its products.
Our services include social media management, graphic design and websites.
Our objective is adding value to your business, using your unique fingerprint. Each business has a unique fingerprint that separates it from its competitors.
This defining factor makes your business more than the products or services it sells. 
Our promise is no hassle,  no fuss, affordable and efficient marketing. 

Our Team


Cheryl Christie

Co-Owner & The Admin Dragon.

Candyce Junner

Co-Owner & The Graphic Design Guru.

Zandri Trosello

The Creative Butterfly.

Russell Webb

The Web Master.